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loan compare calculator

Loan Comparison Popup Calculator

$49.95 USD  This is an excellent Popup Calculator for comparing loans!  Your visitors can compare 45 loans at once and solve for any of the four loan variables: payment amount, loan amount, interest rate and term in months.

mortgage spread calculator

MortgageSpread™ Popup Calculator

$49.95 USD The MortgageSpread™ Popup Calculator is a compact version of the full MortgageSpread™ calculator available at www.MortgageSpread.com.  The benefit of this smaller version is that it pops up over your website so visitors can still see a significant portion of your web page.

MortgageSpread Popup Calculator compares 10 mortgage loans at once showing for each loan the monthly payment, the total amount of interest paid during the term of the loan and the total amount paid during the loan's term.

down payment calculator

Down Payment Popup Calculator

$49.95 USD Install Popup Down Payment Calculator on your web site and your web site visitors can quickly much they can save for a down payment and how long it will take to save a particular amount. Your visitors can modify their beginning balance, their monthly savings amount, the savings interest rate and the amount of time they will be saving the down payment.

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These javascript popup calculators are designed for easy installation on your web site and will work for your visitors using Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Opera and other web browsers on computers with Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple operating systems. These javascript financial calculators are created by Horizon Interactive, LLC, a developer of financial software since 1997. 

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