How to Install Popup Calculators for Your Web Site

Thank you for purchasing the Popup Loan Comparison Calculator from Horizon Interactive, LLC.


Installation of Popup Loan Comparison Calculator is relatively simple. It is done in two separate steps. The first step is to add a little code to the web page you wish to install the popup calculator. The second step is to copy files from your computer to your web server.


The code below which is colored blue must be added to each web page you wish to install the popup calculator on. You may simply copy and paste the code into the proper location on your web page.


Your web page will probably begin with DOCTYPE declaration following by <html> then <head>. Next there will probably be a <title> tag following by various <meta> tags. At the end of the HEAD section of your web page you will see </head>. It will be followed by <body> which begins the BODY of your web page.

You must insert 3 or 4 lines of code at the end of the HEAD section, just before the </head>.

This code is provided in the detailed installation instructions you receive when you purchase a calculator.


After you have added the code above to the HEAD section of your web page, you will want to create a hyperlink on your web page for the popup calculator. This hyperlink is what visitors will click to make the popup calculator appear.

To create the hyperlink which will open the Popup Loan Comparison Calculator on your web page, paste the code below into the <BODY> of your web page in the location of your choice. Of course, you will need to replace YOURDOMAINNAME with your own domain name. And you can replace "Popup Calculator" with any text or button you wish to use.

Popup Link Code:

<a href="javascript:code('');">Popup Calculator</a>

After you have added the code to the <head> section and have added the code for the hyperlink, you must save your web page. That's all the work required to add the popup calculator to your web page!

STEP TWO: Copy Files to Your Web Server

Using the FTP software you have used in the past to upload files to your web server, you must now upload the web page you just modified in Step One and the Popup-Calculator files to your web server.


After you have modified your web page and have uploaded the files to your web server, it's time to test the calculator. With your web browser, visit the web page you modified and click the hyperlink you created. If all is well, Popup Calculator will appear in a popup window ready for you to use.

If you have any problems, carefully read through the instructions again making sure you have followed them exactly. Fix any errors upload the corrected web page. If you still have problems, please contact me for help. I will be happy to look at your web page and offer suggestions about how to resolve the problem!